A Chronology

Houston Junior Forum Through The Decades

1946:  March 22 women became charter members.

1947:  Members opened a library at Rusk Settlement House; followed by libraries in 4 area schools.

1948-1949: The making of a beaded presidents' skirt tradition begins.

1951:  Nursery school/day care facility opened in DeZavala Park.

1952:  School on Avenue H in Magnolia Park opened, 52 children.

1958:  Dedication of Community House school on Canal Street.

1960:  Neighborhood Centers Partnership funds teachers’ salaries.

1964:  Helena House Recreation Center for Senior Citizens started in partnership with Sheltering Arms (a subsidiary of Neighborhood Centers).

 Late 1960’s to 1987:  SHOW TIME fundraisers were staged in venues like Jones Hall.

1967:  City of Houston leases West Dallas land for RCOA.

1969:  HJF opens Pico Dinero, a resale shop.

1970:  Recreation Center for Older Adults opened.

1972:  Renovation of Community House and property expansion.

1976:  College Scholarship Fund established for Preschool graduates.

1977:  HJF moves resale shop to Victorian house, Heights Boulevard.

1987:  Grand opening of Resale Shop on Rutland Street in the Heights.

1988:  HJF Endowment, Incorporated is issued a Certificate of Incorporation.

1989:  Senior Guidance Program was created.

1996:  Senior Guidance Directory, A Resource for Senior Adults & Their Caregivers was produced.

Late 1990’s:  As the turn of the century neared, senior services became available in all sections of the city and client participation at the RCOA was greatly reduced. The RCOA was closed in summer of 2004. Currently, HJF members serve seniors in a variety of locations in partnership with other Houston organizations.

2001:  HJF selected “Outstanding Community Service Organization ”by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

2005:  Senior Guidance Directory ownership transferred to Senior Guidance Directory, Inc.

2006:  Active and Sustainer chapters were merged.

2007:  As numerous resources for comprehensive preschool education became available in the community, the operation of the Community House Preschool was reevaluated. The school was closed at the end of May 2009.   Over 3,000 preschoolers graduated from Community House Preschool. Members currently serve children through partnerships with other nonprofit organizations in the community.

2010:  Endowment Fund exceeds the $1,000,000 level.

2010-2011:  HJF celebrates 65th Anniversary. 

2010:  Community Grants Program established.

2011:  Inaugural Community Grants awarded in the spring.

2012-13:  Gift to the community: Volunteer service, grants and scholarships total: $247.600.

2013-14:  HJF History and Presidents’ Skirt Tradition honored with exhibit in Heritage Society Museum at Sam Houston Park (Nov 5, 2013-Jan.8, 2014).

2016:  Community Grants awards total approximately $200,000 since first grants in 2011.

2016:  Cumulative College Scholarship Program history: Beginning in the 1970’s, has awarded over 200 multi-year scholarships valued at over $1,000,000.

2016:  Celebration of 70 years of service since founding in March 1946.