The Houston Junior Forum is committed to providing charitable services for children, youth, women and senior adults of the greater Houston community.

The activities of the following programs and organizations are supported through the year by HJF volunteers.

HJF Owned and Operated
HJF Resale Shop

HJF Resale Shop, 1815 Rutland Street
Owned and run exclusively by HJF



HJF maintains a resale shop that provides the community affordable, previously owned household items, antique furniture, vintage furniture, and clothing.

Proceeds from the shop support the operating budgets of HJF projects. Volunteers assist employees in pricing, sorting, arranging items on the sales floor and working the cash register. Volunteer hours 9:30 – 2:30. Volunteers may assist with Heights community festivals that HJF elects to participate in annually.

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HJF Scholarship Program

This program provides scholarships and assistance for the most qualified high school graduates who attended the HJF Community House Preschool. HJF members may also support this program by contributing to the “Scholarship Angels” program.

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HJF Community Grants Program

Recognizing the emerging and important role of grant funding within the community we serve, the Community Grants Program was established in 2011.  The HJF Community Grants Program has been able to provide grant monies to not only our approved service sites, but also to other nonprofit organizations that have a mission statement aligned with our own.  Expanding the Community Grants Program to include other nonprofits has allowed the Houston Junior Forum to align itself with other entities that share a common philanthropic ideals.  Over the past six years, the Houston Junior Forum Grant Program has awarded almost $200,000 and has been instrumental in helping nonprofits assist thousands of children, youth, women and senior adults.

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2017-2018 Service Sites

The Nehemiah Center

5015 Fannin, Houston, TX 77004

Service:  Children

Project Coordinator:  Stephanie Pollard

Established in 1996, theirmission is to provide assistance to low-income familieswith afocus to seek a better future for their children through education, emotional wellness, and spiritual enrichment.  The Center serves and follows the children as toddlers through their college years by engaging and retaining family participation.  While education is their primary focus, the Center provides a network of support for the immediate and extended family through parenting and adult education programs.

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Kids' Meals

330 Garden Oaks Blvd., Houston, TX, 77018

Project Coordinator                          Carol George                      HJF works with Kids’ Meals, an extraordinary 501(c)(3) non-profit, community based organization.  It is the nation’s only meals-on-wheels service for children under the age of five who cannot access school free meal programs.  Each weekday, approximately 2,500 - 2,700 healthy meals are delivered to Houston’s hungriest preschool-aged children each day. When school is out, every child up to age 18 in these homes also receives a healthy meal from Kids’ Meals – up to 3,700 kids per day.

Volunteers prepare thousands of healthy lunches consisting of a sandwich, snack, and 100% juice or milk every weekday, year-round, from 9 AM to noon.  Six vans deliver the meals Monday through Friday to children enrolled in the program.  With only 11 employees, volunteers are essential to the success of this program.

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Making it Better

Belmont Apartments – Apartment 197

10500 Valley Forge Drive, Houston, Texas 77042

Service:  Children

Project Coordinator:  Rebecca Ray                                                                                   

Making It Better began at Walnut Bend Elementary in January 2007.  Most of the original 91 students were children who had been evacuated to Houston as a result of Hurricane Katrina.  Since that time, they have worked tirelessly to address severe disadvantages faced by at-risk children in the Houston area by offering a variety of programs that provide quality support services to enhance students’ social emotional learning and provide a foundation for academic success. The programs are tailored to meet the needs of each school campus.  Whether the program is academic or enrichment, delivered during or after school, on a school campus or in an apartment-based program; the overarching goal is always the same . . . developing relationships and improving self-esteem by sparking creativity, fostering the desire to succeed, developing social skills, and expanding life experiences.

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See to Succeed

190 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX 77007

Service:  Children

Project Co-Coordinators:  Laura Bruce & Jane Holland                                        

Established in 2010, this organization collaborates with community partners and hundreds of volunteers from churches, civic groups and service organizations to provide eye glasses to children with learning challenges due to poor vision.  The goal is to identify these children in order to give them a quality vision examination, a pair of glasses, and follow-up mentoring.  Some of the community partners are the City of Houston’s Health and Human Services Department, U of H College of Optometry, Berkeley Eye Centers, Kid Vision for Life, Wal-Mart, and the Esslor Foundation.  Several clinics are scheduled throughout the school year.


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Third Age Learning Center (TALC)

215 East 10th St., Houston, TX 77008

Service:  Seniors

Project Coordinator:  Jenny Cain

This project is a church-based senior center located on the campus of All Saints Catholic Church in the Heights district of Houston.  It provides arts and craft classes and life-long learning classes. It also serves a full course hot lunch Monday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters for a nominal fee.  The HJF hosts special themed parties throughout the year.  Members may also serve lunch and help with clean up on any other weekday that TALC is opened.  Please wear your uniform if you work.  HJF volunteers also help with a mailout and registration for both fall and spring semesters.

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Interfaith Ministries - Meals on Wheels

3202 San Jacinto St., Houston, TX 77004

Service:  Seniors

Project Coordinators:   Carolyn Kares and Phyllis Reinhardt

Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston brings people of diverse faith traditions together for dialogue, collaboration and service, as a demonstration of our shared beliefs.  Their Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston program provides a home-delivered meal to homebound seniors over 60 and their spouses.  The program also delivers breakfast and weekend meals to the most frail and isolated seniors. This nutritional support helps seniors stay independent and in their own homes.  This program delivers more than one million meals each year to seniors in Harris County.

 The aniMeals on Wheels program was founded so that home bound clients on Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston’s Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston program would not feel compelled to share their limited food and resources with their four-legged friends.  Thanks to partnerships with other non-profit organizations, such as Emancipet, we can assist our Meals on Wheels clients with receiving much needed veterinary services such as vaccinations and spay/neutering. 

 As a group, HJF volunteers prepare breakfast bags and work in the warehouse where they prepare the cold portion of the meals and/or repackage the dry dog/cat food for delivery.  There are opportunities for HJF volunteers to drive a route, either alone or with another member.

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Amazing Place

3735 Drexel Dr., Houston, TX  77027

Service:  Seniors

Project Coordinator:   Jane Kochman                                                                                                 

The mission of Amazing Place is to provide fellowship, memory care and wellness for adults with mild to moderate memory loss and support to their families and the community.  They aim to empower those living with memory loss to live fully and live well.

 Amazing Place is progressive, interactive and affirming.  Their curriculum is evidence-based, incorporating elements of the creative and cultural arts, civic service fitness compensatory cognitive interventions, and spirituality.  This invigorating program adapts itself to the interests and individual strengths of its participants.

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Dress for Success

3310 Eastside St., Houston, TX 77098

Service:  Women

Project Coordinator:  Joey Rovira

This exceptional organization promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. 

 Since 1998, Dress for Success Houston has provided business attire, a much-needed boost of confidence, and job retention and career advancement services to more than 36,800 women in the Houston community.  In 2017, Dress for Success Houston will add more than 3,500 women to its growing number of success stories.  An independent 501(c)(3) corporation registered in the state of Texas, Dress for Success Houston is part of a worldwide network of 150 affiliates in 24 countries.  One woman, one suit, one job can change the world!

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Magnificat Houses

3300 Caroline St., Houston, TX 77004

Service:  Women

Project Coordinator:   Diana Root

Magnificat offers faith, hope and help to the neediest by providing housing, food, work and spiritual and emotional support while their residents–of all races and creeds–rebuild their lives in community.

 Their 16 structures dot the map of Houston, including low cost housing, temporary to permanent, as well as Miryam’s Hostel for women.  Most are residential homes in near-town neighborhoods.   Twenty-thousand residents have passed through their doors.

 Their popular Loaves & Fishes soup kitchen, easily accessed by downtown street populations in and around and the adjacent areas, serves 210,000 meals to Houston’s hungry.  They are open six days a week, serving 200-400 lunches per day.  No questions asked. 

 Their day and resident programs promote camaraderie and skills development for those recovering from and, learning to live with mental illness, including in-house work based training programs, offering a hand up to the underprivileged and the mentally ill in Greater Houston.

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Houston Food Bank

535 Portwall St., Houston, TX 77029

Service:  Children OR Seniors

Project Coordinator:  Gale Evans

As a member of the nation's largest non-governmental, domestic hunger relief organization, Feeding America, the goal of the Houston Food Bank is to make food accessible to hungry people in their greatest times of need.  In fiscal year 2015-2016, the Houston Food Bank distributed 79,000,000 nutritious meals.  The vision for the future is to expand service to the community to 100,000,000 nutritious meals by 2018.  Every dollar donated to the Houston Food Bank provides the equivalent of three meals for an individual.

 HJF members work at the Houston Food Bank at scheduled times during the year, sorting and packing food to be distributed directly to charities.  

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