President’s Message

By Jan Arrington

In March 2016, the Houston Junior Forum will celebrate its 70th anniversary.  In 1946, twenty-two young women between the ages of 20 and 30 embraced a vision of community service and established their own service projects. Since that auspicious beginning, the women of the Houston Junior Forum have been committed to the shared dream of providing charitable service for children, youth, women, and senior adults. 

Jan Arrington
President, Houston Junior Forum

I am honored and humbled to serve as President as we begin another decade of service to the Houston community. We have quite a legacy to uphold. By joining this historic organization, each member has willingly chosen to embrace the HJF vision of community service and to help improve the quality of life for Houston residents.

Despite their busy professional and personal lives, the talented and dedicated women of our Executive Committee and Board of Directors agreed to take on the responsibility of making this organization run smoothly. Their plans for 2015-2016 include growing the membership, providing additional service opportunities, redesigning the website, and providing fun and enriching experiences for HJF members. Their energy, innovation, and work ethic are sources of inspiration for me and our entire membership.

As we near our 70th anniversary, we will face new challenges and changing needs in the community. How will we honor the legacy that began with those 22 young women and remain a viable and productive organization?  We will:

  • Welcome new ideas as we honor the past
  • Evaluate and revise our programs and projects to respond to current community needs
  • Encourage each member to increase her level of involvement so that she can offer HJF the benefit of her unique talents and abilities
  • Expand recruitment and training to enhance membership growth and retention
  • Celebrate our success while providing recognition for our members, donors, and community partners

I read recently that leadership is one of the highest forms of service.  I truly believe that the members of the Houston Junior Forum are all leaders. In our 70th year, we will continue our tradition of leadership in service to the Houston community. I invite you to peruse our newly redesigned HJF website and then COME JOIN US!


Jan Arrington