About Us

Friendsgiving Fall 2023

Who We Are

The Houston Junior Forum is a nonprofit women’s organization committed to providing charitable service for children, youth, women, and senior adults in the greater Houston area.

HJF members volunteer their time at various service sites for non-profit organizations that meet our mission of service for children, youth, women, and seniors adults. Volunteers provide a variety of services such as preparing and delivering meals, helping children learn to read, hosting events for seniors, helping women secure gainful employment, and distributing school supplies for underprivileged families.

We also support our service sites and other non-profit organizations through targeted financial support via our Community Grants program.

Equally important is our financial and mentoring support of students striving for post-high school education via our College Scholarship program.

Who We Serve

HJF has given well over 1 million hours of community service during its 75 year history to organizations such as Christian Community Service Center (CCSC), Gracewood, Harrison’s Heroes, HJF Resale Shop, Houston Food Bank, Interfaith Ministries, Meals on Wheels, Kids’ Meals, Literacy Now, The Nehemiah Center, See to Succeed, Third Age Learning Center (TALC), and Undies for Everyone.

HJF College Scholarship Program

To date, the Houston Junior Forum College Scholarship Program has funded over 300 multi-year scholarships valued at over $2,000,000 to students who originally attended the HJF Community House.

Beginning with the College Scholarships granted for the 2024-2025 academic year, the College Scholarship program has expanded to include applicants from the Nehemiah Center and Spring Spirit. For more information, contact hjfscholarship@gmail.com

College Scholarship Photo August 2023

HJF Community Grants Program

Established in 2010, Houston Junior Forum’s Community Grants Program provides grant funding to organizations that share a common philanthropic vision for assistance to the Houston community. in excess of $1,000,000 has been granted to nonprofit organizations that are focused on services to children, youth, women, and senior adults. Contact us at hjfcommunitygrants@gmail.com to request an application.

Community Grant to the Women's Home Spring 2023

Daily Essentials – Everyday Confidence

daily ess

Did you know that your friends and neighbors who are on the Texas Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) cannot use those funds to purchase toiletry products such as deodorant, shampoo, and toothpaste? We didn’t know that either until we investigated the situation and decided to start a pilot project to address this issue in a small, but hopefully continuously growing, manner.

Let us introduce you to “Daily Essentials – Everyday Confidence”! The Houston Junior Forum is now supplying toiletry products to senior adults in the Heights area of Houston and to women in need of these products. We are delivering our boxes of products on a quarterly basis, partnering with Houston Interfaith Ministries and Heights Interfaith Ministries supporting their Meals on Wheel programs to target senior adults and The Women’s Home to target women.

The Houston Junior Forum is so very excited to start this pilot project! If you want to know how you can help, please contact Lois Van Vooren at lois.vanvooren@gmail.com.


How We Serve

Volunteer Hours

Each year, HJF members provide tens of thousands of hours of services to many of the organizations providing services to children, youth, women, and senior adults in the greater Houston area.

Resale Shop Program

Since 1969, HJF has operated a resale shop that has provided a service for its customers. All net profits from the Resale Shop help to support HJF’s Community Grants and Scholarship programs. Today the upscale Resale Shop is open six days a week with paid staff assisting HJF volunteers.

HJF Endowment Fund

Formed in 1988, the Houston Junior Forum Endowment Fund, Inc. (the Corporation) was established to receive, invest, and manage contributions given to the Corporation to specifically provide financial support to assist the Houston Junior Forum, Inc. in fulfilling its mission.
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About Junior Forum Inc.

JFI, Inc.

The mission of Junior Forum Incorporated (“JFI”) is to support member chapters across Texas in achieving their goals and to promote the growth of the organization. Each of the seven chapters is a non-profit woman’s service organization providing thousands of volunteer hours and millions in financial assistance in service of their communities.

The Houston Junior Forum founded JFI and proudly serves as a member of the organization.

  • The JFI chapters meet semi-annually in a member city to share ideas for fundraising, volunteering and enjoy friendly relationships.