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About Houston Junior Forum

Who We Are

The Houston Junior Forum is a non-profit women’s organization committed to providing charitable service for children, youth, women, and senior adults in the greater Houston Area.

Established in 1946, The Houston Junior Forum (HJF) is a non-profit women’s organization open to all women age 21+, who share a strong desire to “make a difference” for others through community service.   Today, the group of around 400 members, provides services for some 16 non-profit organizations.  Additionally, HJF owns and operates the HJF Resale Shop located at 1815 Rutland St. in The Heights area of Houston, Texas. 

Who We Serve

Community Service Program – Children, Youth, Women, and Senior Adults in the greater Houston area

HJF members volunteer their time at various service sites for some 16 or so non-profit organizations, serving children, youth, women, and senior adults in the greater Houston area.  Volunteers provide a variety of services such as preparing and delivering meals, helping children learn to read, hosting events for seniors, helping women secure gainful employment, and distributing school supplies for underprivileged families. 

Through this Community Service Program, HJF has given over 1 million hours of community service during its 73 year history to organizations such as Amazing Place, Christian Community Service Center (CCSC), Dress for Success, Gracewood, Harrison’s Heroes, HJF Resale Shop, Holly Hall Retirement Center, Houston Food Bank, Interfaith Ministries, Meals on Wheels, Kids’ Meals, Magnificat House, Making It Better, The Nehemiah Center, See to Succeed, Third Age Learning Center (TALC), and Undies for Everyone.

HJF College Scholarship Program

The HJF College Scholarship Program was formed in 1976 to provide financial support opportunities to the children who graduated from the HJF Community House Preschool.  To date, HJF has funded 249 multi-year scholarships valued at $1,000,000+ to students who originally attended the HJF Community House Preschool.  The HJF Community House Preschool served the Hispanic community for almost 60 years, from 1947 to 2009.

HJF Community Grants Program

Established in 2010, HJF’s Community Grants Program, provides grant funding to organizations that share a common philanthropic vision for assistance to the community.  In excess of $450,000 has been granted to organizations that have applied for funding.

Included in the organizations receiving awards are: Amazing Place, Christian Community Service Center, Dress for Success, Holly Hall Retirement Center, Houston Food Bank, Interfaith Ministries, Making It Better, Magnificat House, The Nehemiah Center, TALC, Undies for Everyone, Angela House, Bel Inizio, Child Advocates, Children’s Museum, Da Camera, Emergency Aid Coalition, Gracewood, Heritage Society, Newspring, Second Servings, Spring Spirit, and Women’s Home.

We accept Grant Applications from charities providing services to women, children, youth and seniors residing in the greater Houston area.   Please contact us at hjfcommunitygrants@gmail.com to request an application. The deadline for submission is March 14, 2020.  

How We Serve

Volunteer Hours

Each year, HJF members provide tens of thousands of hours of services to many of the organizations providing services to children, youth, women, and senior adults in the greater Houston area.  These volunteer hours are provided as requested by the organizations we serve and are valued at between $800,000 and $1,000,000 annually.

Resale Shop Program

Since 1969 HJF has operated a resale shop that has provided a service for its customers and helps to support HJF programs. Today the upscale Resale Shop is open six days a week, with paid staff assisting HJF volunteers. Profits from the shop help support the programs of HJF.  

Conversations From The Heart

Each year, HJF raises funds to support its programs through a fund-raiser event known as Conversations From The Heart.  All are welcome to attend this fun event honoring a person who has provided outstanding services to the community.

 HJF Endowment Fund

Formed in 1988, the Houston Junior Forum Endowment Fund, Inc. (the Corporation) was established to receive, invest, and manage contributions given to the Corporation to specifically provide financial support to assist the Houston Junior Forum, Inc. in fulfilling its mission.

Resale Shop Info:

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Administrative Info:

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7941, Houston, TX 77270

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